Parenting is no picnic. Becoming a parent is a big gamble. We open ourselves to a lifetime of unknown highs and lows that only our children can give. At HeARTspace we share our lives and parenting stories, so we can be present with each other, as we explore our truths about motherhood.

Sue Ellen’s Storytelling

Sue Ellen gathered stories that emerged from her Soul Art over the years and created a one-woman show called “Finding the Lost Spark” about five generations of women in her family, her dilemmas as a single mother, and her healing journey with the arts and nature.

When Sue Ellen first tried performance art, she said, “NO WAY!”, but then it turned out to be her favorite art form. Through creating performance, she found her “Lost Spark”. You can find your Lost Spark, too!

Telling Your Story Through Soul Art

When you come to HeARTspace Studio, you might at some point want to create a performance, small or big, of one story or your collected stories as part of your Soul Art experience. However for some of you, performance might not be your art form of choice. That’s why all the other forms — drawing/painting, movement/dance, music and writing—are also available to hold your expression. Sue Ellen will help you let your stories flow through a variety of simple art-making that anyone can do.