Art Studio

Welcome, Mothers! I invite you to come to HeARTspace Studio, take time for yourself, make Soul Art, and find balance between your personhood and your parenthood. Together we will explore your creative longings. I will support your art-making as the forest soothes your Soul. Come alone or share the time with a family member or friend. HeARTspace is just three miles from Scappoose, OR and twenty miles from downtown Portland.

Soul Art & Craftiness

“Nothing has a stronger influence…on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”
- C.G. Jung

Play, Create, Communicate

When you journey to HeARTspace Studio you will:

  • experience a safe, playful environment
  • explore your challenges and strengths – like a preschool for parents!
  • relax and enjoy the creative process and art-making
  • embark on an inward journey to your truth and wisdom revealed by Soul Art
  • communicate with other moms through art and conversation
  • learn to parent from your strong, calm center
  • listen deeply to your inner voice, so you can listen well to your children
  • be the parent AND the person you want to be
  • know you will be a better mom by becoming a more creative woman

Sue Ellen will share her style of using artistic expression for personal growth and guide you with kindness and compassion, as you explore your inner world.

Art-making to grow on

Parenting can become a self-sacrificing journey. Mothers often lose touch with their creativity, as they immerse themselves in the needs of their children. Discover how important your well-being is to your child’s well-being. Become a mom, who is really present for her family AND herself.

Art and nature quiet your mind so you can hear your heart.
Take time for YOU!

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