One Mom-One Child Art in Nature Day


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Find Your Path

Find  a creative path with your child.

Moms, do you long for special time with one of your children – No siblings, no dad, no friends, just you and your one child?

Nothing like it for both mom and child! And it’s hard to find time to make this happen. No matter what your situation – Working mom, stay-at-home mom, single mom, one child, or bigger family – The demands of any life get in the way of this much needed time to connect with one child, their way.


Go with the Flow.

Soothing Forest Stream

When is the last time you and your child really connected with nature? Research shows how important this connection is for all of us and especially for the development of children.  But it’s not like the “good old days” when I was a kid, and we could roam around the neighborhood and play outside in nature with friends all day in the summer, just coming in when it was time to eat and go to bed.

Today parents must understandably be so much more cautious.  So combining time in nature with one mom and one child makes perfect sense.  Then you are watching over and protecting your child, while playing with them and giving them one-on-one very special time.

The flow of your own expression.

Make Art!

Another important mother-child interaction is make art with your child.  When my kids where at home, there was always an art table or an art room for them to make stuff.  It would keep them happily busy and creative, while I got lots of stuff around the house done.  This was great, but it wasn’t one-on-one time with each of them.

You may not even have room for a special art space in your home, or you may not enjoy the messes that inevitably happen, or you may think you don’t know how to make art. There are places in Portland for parents to take their kids to make messy art and then you get to pick them up leaving the mess behind. But, again, it’s not special time with you and your child.

"Dancing House"

“Dancing House”

What if you could combine time with one child with experiences in nature and art-making fun? What if this time could include special art time for you and your child? What if doing this would shine up your inner sparkle and enliven your relationship with your child? And what if you could play with art-making under the calming energy of huge fir trees, as the beautiful forest wraps itself around you, calms you and brings you closer to yourself and your child?

To make this happen, Sue Ellen Liss, M.S., of “HeARTspace – Soul Art for Mothers”  offers you and one child an expressive arts/nature experience in HeARTspace in the forest.  There will be time and space for mother and child to share in a fun summer day among big old trees, rushing creek, and all the wonders of nature as seen through your child’s eyes!

You will create art together and share playfully.   Don’t worry!  Soul Art is easy.  It’s art-making in your unique way. It’s playing.  It’s fun.

A special day with mom can mean a lot to a child –  just “mom and me”.  Each child in a family has a different experience with their mom.  This is an opportunity to focus on one special child at a time.  Art and memories will be created.  Hope you can join in.

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