Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle


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Soul Art

Let Soul Art help you find your sparkle.

“Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle!”
I saw this saying on the billboard of a local restaurant and it reminded me of my long, and winding journey to find my lost spark. For years as a young mom, I wasn’t sure what I really needed. I focused on the needs of my family and helping my kids shine, but didn’t have a clue what would really make me sparkle. Little did I know that my shining would help my kids sparkle.


“Nothing has a stronger influence…on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”
- C.G. Jung

Balance Parenthood and Personhood

Balance Parenthood and Personhood

As mothers, we are often too busy tending to the needs of our families and our jobs to notice that our sparkle is dulling down a bit, or a lot.

Maybe you, too, have forgotten what makes you sparkle. Maybe your parenthood is out of balance with your personhood.



Anyone-can-do-it Art

Anyone-can-do-it Art in  the forest with sun shining

At HeARTspace you can make “anyone-can-do-it” art to learn to stay in touch with your strong, calm, creative center, as you try to become a better parent by finding more balance in your life.

From this inner place you can implement positive parenting skills more effectively.



At HeARTspace you can take time to notice and nurture all parts of yourself, as you navigate through your one precious life. Here you will make Soul Art and try to bring your gifts, your sparkle, into your families and your world, thus giving your children a model of a more satisfied human being. As you fill yourself up, you have more to give.


Creativity, Balance, Fun!

Creativity, Balance, Fun!

“Soul Art for Mothers Meetup” in HeARTspace forest near Portland, OR, offers you time, safe space, and support to explore your creativity and find balance between your parenthood and personhood.




Artful Expression

The trillium bloom, you can too.

By setting aside a few hours for yourself to visit this peaceful place you will allow nature to quiet your mind, so you can hear your heart and make artful images to express yourself, blossom and grow to be a better mom by becoming a more creative, happy woman. Here you will explore what you need to let your sparkle shine!



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