Showing Up


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“Showing up”
We are fast approaching that time of year, when for some, Santa “shows up” in a magical way, or we express the seasonal rituals of our own spiritual ways, soon after we may have just cooked a huge turkey (or tofurky) dinner for the whole family.

We thrust ourselves into the task of making each child in our life as excited and satisfied as can be, enjoying family and friends, and looking inward to think back on our year, if we can find the time for that important step.
I loved playing Santa Claus — Choosing just the right gifts for each child, keeping the secrets, watching the anticipation, staying up all night to put together the thing that came in a zillion parts. It teaches kids to believe in magic, imagination, and unseen joy. It’s a feeling. It’s family. It’s wonderful.
Of course, it’s not so fun if you don’t have what it takes to make this happen, and you end up very disappointed or feeling inadequate. If you are trying to make it bigger than it needs to be, you might end up exhausted or in debt. The expectations are high – expectations of others and ourselves, and of course of all the advertising that leads us astray.
P1080434 copy_1 reduced_optSo HeARTspace Soul Art for Mothers Meetup is inviting you to take some time to step aside, make some any-one-can-do-it Soul Art, breathe in the fresh forest air, talk to other moms, and adjust your perspective, so you can discover that your holidays can be what you want them to be.   You know what that is deep down inside of you. It’s just easy to get distracted by trying to live up to other people’s expectations.
All you have to do is “show up”.  I know, sometimes that is hard to do.
13813326-the-girl-the-teenager-holds-the-headWhen my daughter was entering 7th grade in Junior High School, we moved and she had to go to a different school than all her grade school friends. They would be reunited in High School, but she had to endure two years without her long-time friends. On the first morning of school, she walked from the front door to the street, where she would catch the school bus, stopped, turned around and came back in the house with a face filled with fear and tears in her eyes. After talking with me for a few moments, she turned again and decided that she could show up at this new school and see what would happen. Of course she made new friends. Some went with her to her high school and some are still her friends to this day.
Feb. 24, 2014 212How often do we adults turn, stay in the shadows,  and decide that we can’t face showing up somewhere new? I certainly have stopped myself from going to something new, because I feared the initial discomfort. Yes, sometimes I go and decide that the event or new people are not for me, but at least I showed up to know for sure. Of course, if we don’t show up we will never know what we missed or who we might have met or what we might have learned.
How often do you stop yourself from “showing up”, because you  don’t want to take the time for yourself, or are too scared or worried?


Stop worrying

Worry doesn’t help.

HeARTspace Soul Art for Mothers Meetup is waiting for you moms to show up.You are invited to take time out from the holiday hustle to settle into some simple art-making and refresh your spirit, as you focus on giving your family and yourself a memorable holiday experience, whatever that means for you. You might want to take a look at what you do this year and what you might want to do next year. What will your children remember about this time of year and what will you remember?


Soul Art

Soul Art

HeARTspace studios will be open for you to explore your Holiday Heart’s Desires between 10:00am and 2:00pm on four Saturdays: November 29, December 6, 13 and 20. You don’t have to be here the whole time. You could come from 10-12:00 or 12-2:00. Of course, you could give yourself the gift of expressing your creative self the whole time.


Dancing House StudioSo if you want to come to HeARtspace studios, click on the Meetup heart on this page for details and to sign up. This series is offered on a give-what-you-can basis in the holiday spirit. (I do ask that you bring one of those $3.99 packets of wood that you can buy at Fred Meyer and other places. We heat the studios with our cozy wood stoves.)

Hope to see you soon!
Sue Ellen

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