“Being a mother is hard work!”


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Well-used Broom

Well-used Broom

I saw a documentary about the life of a very creative male artist, who over many years became famous.  His wife was a cartoon artist, when they met.  She was featured in the documentary of her husband’s life and talked about having given up her cartoon-artist self to be a wife and mother,  creating a stable, supportive home life for her children and husband and herself.

She said, “Being a mother is hard!”

After giving her husband the emotional support he needed to flourish as an artist, and giving her two wonderful children the childhood they needed, she got back to her cartoon art later in life. She was glad to have had her life as a mother and wife, and now was enjoying expressing her artist self.  Motherhood IS hard work and motherhood CAN be very creative, but when we become mothers, we may or may not have found our creative outlets yet, so when we put aside our creativity to focus on child-rearing and home-making, our artistic gifts can get lost or forgotten.


Find Your Balance

Mothers need to have both — Our creative selves and our mom selves. We need to find a balance between our personhood and our parenthood, but it’s not always that easy to do. It takes a supportive environment to help us find our way to our creative expression, while we are parenting and after our kids are grown.



Look inside, not outside.

How do you find your creative balance in your life as a mother? Your answers are “not out there” somewhere, they are  “inside of you” and art making can help you find them.  You can come to Soul Art for Mothers Meetup  if you live near Portand  or Scappoose, OR and find the support and art making you need.     http://www.meetup.com/Soul-Art-for-Mothers/



You can also go to  http://heartspace.us/  and find out more about Soul Art in HeARTspace Forest.


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