“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe…”


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Remember that Nursery Rhyme?


Momma Cactus

This little cactus on my kitchen window sill seems to be in a similar spot.  I watched as more and more baby cacti grew in her lap.  Some of them even fell to the soil.  Finally the momma cactus started falling backward more and more until she actually had to start changing herself and start  curving forward to keep growing upward.  Today I decided to help her out and staked her in an upright position.


Sun Ring

Light Heart

Sometimes moms need a little boost even if they don’t have as many children as that woman in the shoe.  If you feel like “getting away from it all” for a few hours to find a part of yourself that has been held down or left behind,  art-making can relax you into your imaginative self and reveal ways to reclaim your ignored or lost parts.  This will lift your spirits and soothe your heart and help you be a more satisfied and creative woman and mom.

dancing house

The Dancing House

If you are in the Portland area, check out the latest at www.meetup.com/soul-art-for-mothers, so you can join us and receive the support of other mothers, as you make art in this beautiful forest. We will draw, dance, write, drum, and create our stories dramatically.  This simple, “any-one-can-do-it” art-making will show the way. No experience necessary.

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