The Never-Ending Job


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your strong, calm center

I thought that when my kids got to be 18, I would be the bow and shoot those arrows off into the world.  But I was a young mother and little did I know that my job would never be done.  Each of my children in their own way has taught me that motherhood is not over–ever really.  It just takes different forms.  Now that they are adults, I am sometimes asked to process their childhood wounds with them, when and if they are ready, surprised at which one latches on to which childhood  memory and what their perspective looks like.  I try to be present with each of them in the ways they need me to be, while still taking good care of myself.   I celebrate with them their joyful moments, when they invite me to do so.  I try to be a good listener–a good friend, when they want that.  I am there for them, when they face an illness–like cancer.  That’s where I was for the last three months, facing that disease with my daughter.  It was a journey with much fear, many mysteries and surprises, deep learning and,  gratefully, the best outcome possible.  Once again, I was reminded that what was needed from me is loving presence in my strong, calm center, so I could pay attention to the many details of her needs without getting overwhelmed.  We all have that center deep inside, if we can only listen and find it, when we need it– which is all the time.  It takes practice, but it will carry us through difficulties.  The sooner we get in touch with that place within, the stronger that connection will be, when we need it.

Are you looking for that place in you?  Have you found it? Do you nurture it? How does it help you be a more creative woman and thus a better mom?

If you live near Portland, I invite you to HeARTspace in the heart of the forest to search for the path to your inner strength and creativity through art-making, nature and a community of mothers, seeking their inner balance between parenthood and personhood.  Join our Soul Art for Mothers Meetup on the contact page of for dates and times of our meetings or go directly to

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