It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Lost Spark!


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Grandma's cold cream

Grandma smoothed Ponds cold cream on her round face

Along the way on my path of motherhood, I gathered my stories that emerged as I began exploring my creative self.  Bit by bit, I wrote them down in my journals, made visual art about them, danced them and finally began performing them, all the while struggling to convince myself that I actually COULD do this!  A teacher of mine gifted me with a motto, “You are transformed by what you do.”  So I kept on doing, even when it scared me to death.  Now twenty-some years later, (It’s never too late) I gathered all of those short stories from my life and looked for the main message they hold.  When I found it, I created a one-woman show called “Finding the Lost Spark” about five generations of mothers and daughters in my family and our journeys from having lost the spark of creativity to having found it and expressed it.  I performed this show at the Fertile Ground Festival in Portland, OR on January 27 and 30 and February 3, 2013.  If you were there, thanks for sharing this experience with me.  If not, I will perform it again in the future. You can find out when and where by signing up for my newsletter on this website.

Are there stories you would like to tell?   I will help you tell your stories through art-making in your own way.

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