Isolated Mother


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Find your creative path.

Find your creative path.

Most of the time I was an isolated mother.  I lived in the suburbs. I’m not a group joiner. I don’t love shopping, or cooking, or card playing, or bookclubs or tupperware parties and that seemed to be what other mothers in my neighborhood were doing.  I didn’t know my artistic path yet. Oh, I provided lots of art and play experiences for my children.  They were my creative outlet, but on the other hand, driving them to soccer practice and waiting wasn’t very inspiring.  I made a macrame wall hanging for the house, sewed clothes for my kids, made them Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, but didn’t find my creative spark for a long time – Till they were all mostly grown.  My artist daughter said, as a young woman, “I thought I couldn’t move forward until you did, Mom.  I needed you to show me the way. As I stepped toward my creative happiness, she leaped forward into her own!”

Are you showing your children the way by seeking and finding your creative path?

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