Lost in Motherhood


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Find your way to your own life.

Balance your motherhood

Often I felt lost in my role as mother.  It’s not that I didn’t want that job – I loved being a mom!  I began motherhood at a young age and quickly my attention was absorbed in the needs of four children.  This was the life I had chosen and it was good, but I began realizing that I also wanted a life of my own.  Not my role as wife, not my role as mother, but my role as me.  My life was out of balance.  I was nurturing creativity in my children, which was fun, but I wanted my own creativity too, and never seemed to find time for it.  Finally, I had to start making time for it.  For me this outlet was making art, alone and with other adults.  I drew, I painted, I danced, I did performance art, I wrote in my journal, and I sang in the shower and car! I was a much happier and more present mom, when I took time for the creative parts of me.  And I learned a lot about myself by making art – Nothing fancy,  just art my way.  My art seemed to speak to me, revealing my deepest longings.

What do you do to take time to let your creativity out, so your parenthood and personhood are in balance?





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