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Mother of Four Children

Four Under My Wing

I went to a community college class for single mothers during my first year of being a single mother of FOUR (remember that number).  The teacher was a single mother of ONE (remember that number).  I sat in the back.  She had a very neat and tidy grid on which she plotted an organizational chart for each day of the week that was suppose to solve all of our problems!  I scoffed and thought, “Which of my children do you want me to sell?!!” Her left-brain strategies, I thought, worked well for her (and her ONE child), but I could not relate to them in any way, shape or form.  (Don’t get me wrong – Parenting ANY number of children has it’s challenges, but that was my thinking in that class.) This blog is not about giving each other advice or answers. It’s about sharing our stories, being heard and finding our individual strong, calm centers from which to be good enough parents and fulfilled enough people.  What worked (or didn’t) for me might be way off the mark for you and your children. But each of our stories might spark someone else’s creative solution or give you comfort that you are not alone – Someone else is out there who is willing to listen and might just understand.

How has hearing someone else’s story helped you?


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