Blue in the Face


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Talk less, listen, do more.

Who's listening?

Do you ever feel like you talk to your kids till you’re blue in the face? (Meaning of that phrase:  “You keep saying the same thing again and again, but no one listens to you.”) Mothers are often accused of talking too much.  I hate to admit this, but it was true of me.  I could have listened more – to my children AND to myself for what was really needed - and then given choices and taken action.  I couldn’t really make my kids do stuff by saying lots of words over and over. They just tuned out.  I finally learned that calmly listening inside myself and taking appropriate action took a lot less energy and got better results – cooperation.

More about this and other parenting tips in future newsletters, but for now, what makes you talk till you’re blue in the face?

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