What are you longing for?


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Take care of yourself

One Enormous Chair

My daughter remembers that when she was a child, I often walked around the house singing:  “All I want is a room somewhere – Far away from the cold night air – With one enormous chair – Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely!” Then there were the parts of that song about “lots of choc’lates for me to eat”, “sitten’abso-bloomin’-lutely still till spring crept over the window sill”, and “someone who takes good care of me”, BUT…then there was my real life.  I often wasn’t even aware that I was singing or humming that tune – As usual absorbed in what I must get done.  My mind was occupied, but my mouth opened and out popped what I was longing for.

What lovely thing are you longing for that you could actually have today with little effort?  Maybe it’s as simple as having your own drawer where the scissors never disappear. (I wonder what happened to all those scissors?)


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