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Hat Art

Birthday Art Hat


Every year at birthdays I would decorate the round oak table in the kitchen with crepe paper streamers spiraling out in all directions from the light fixture above with the other ends of the streamers taped to the walls.  A bunch of balloons and a hand-made Happy Birthday sign were hung in the center and birthday presents and cake were arranged on the table.  Each child could count on that arrangement being there, when they awoke on all of their birthdays.  The kids did that for me too.  This ritual was predictable, anticipated and discovered on that special morning with sparkling eyes and smiles. I didn’t write these things down at the time.  I might not remember each of those birthdays, but I remember that we always did this. I wonder what the kids remember. I think these small gestures are what were most important to my children.  They might not remember the presents they received, but I think  they remember the presence of their famly in those moments.

What small, predictable, memorable moments do you have with your children?

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