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Go with the Flow.

Flow with your family.

Welcome, Mothers! I’m glad you are here.  I hope you will return often to share your motherhood thoughts and experiences – The good, the bad and the ugly.   I plan to share a post each week.  To get us started I will begin sharing some of my experiences.  Thinking back on these, I say, “What was I thinking?” But I remind myself that I was a single mother of four children for many years and was exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time.  I wasn’t as present as I would have liked -  Falling asleep in the middle of a bedtime story was a common occurrence, but that was minor compared to this:

My 12 year old son, in the back yard, tying rope handles onto a large inner tube in a huge ice storm.  Me, carrying laundry, looking out the patio door.  Hmmm… rope… inner tube… LOTS of ice… the creek’s really high!

Oh well, towels in my bathroom, undies in my drawer.  Suddenly, out my bedroom window I see him, floating down the raging, freezing cold creek, WITHOUT a life jacket, grasping dead blackberry vines on the other side of the creek with his BARE hands trying to save his life!

Miraculously, a small, ice-covered tree fell over the creek right next to him, giving him a bridge to safety! What was I thinking?! Why didn’t I stop him, when he was tying those rope handles?!

Lack of presence. My mind was occupied – My wits weren’t about me. I was a single mom.

Your turn.


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